5th of December “MIDNIGHT STAIRS”: a Butoh evening with performance @Tai Chi Ireland, Dublin

December is here. Whether we indulge in celebrations or not, the year surely feels coming to a rest. Just before leaping into the festive holidays, we will host a Butoh evening.

On the 5th of December, Choko Butoh Dublin Research Group and I, will be guests of  DAO Tai Chi Ireland. The evening is part of furthering the awareness of Butoh as a dance art form and a space for creativity and exploration in Dublin, Ireland.

As an art form, Butoh, is highly accessible. It can be practiced and used for various scopes not only by performers. If you are, the training and body method inherent in Butoh, can enhance your body awareness, aid and support your creative process, challenge you to venture into unknown territories with improvisation and transformations via visual solicitations.

For those that come to Butoh moved by curiosity, it has been proven to offer ways to relax the everyday accumulation of tension and offer a platform that supports the expression of one’s own imagery though movement and stillness. Butoh body method facilitates every type of bodies and explores the infinite possibility of movement and sensation.

If you are in Dublin, I hope you can join us and share with us the intimacy of the space and moving bodies in their narrative and poetic imagery.

Click here to watch a glimpse MIDNIGHT STAIRS

The piece is created by Ambra G. Bergamasco and Choko Butoh Dublin Research Group. After the piece, there will be time for a Q&A session.

Evening Details:

5th of December

7.30pm/ 10 euro

41 a Pleasant Street D8

Thank you!


Zazenshin: Acupuncture Needle of Zazen, by Shohaku Okumura

Can just sitting be enough? Do we really find it difficult to do something without ulterior meaning and motivation? I found this article interesting, it resonated with some conversations had in the Zen meditation group I go and further, I related it to when I dance Butoh: do I have an ulterior motif..or do I dance for the invitation…dancing bliss, just dancing, because there is no because. What do you think? Does this relate to your practice?

ph: image in the article by artist Marcelle Hanselaar

Buddhism now

Zazen is the centre of our practice and also the centre of Dogen’s teaching. The Shobogenzo Zazenshin is one of Dogen’s writings in which he discussed the essential nature of his sitting practice. He wrote this text in 1242.

‘Za’ means ‘sitting’, and ‘zen’ is the Japanese pronunciation of the Chinese word ‘chan’ which is the transliteration of the Sanskrit word ‘dhyana’, meaning ‘meditation’. A literal translation of ‘zazen’ is ‘seated meditation’. ‘Shin’ means ‘acupuncture needle’. Today’s acupuncture needle is made of some kind of metal, but in ancient times it was made from bamboo. An acupuncture needle is a kind of instrument to heal sickness. My translation of this title, Zazenshin, is ‘Acupuncture Needle of Zazen’. Zazen is an acupuncture needle to heal our sickness.

Human Sickness

Buddhism Now cover Oct 1990. Art © Marcelle Hanselaar What is our sickness? I think it is very clear. Shakyamuni Buddha said that we have been shot with an arrow…

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5 digital megatrends towards the Museum of the Future

This is a topic I am working on. Museums. This article inspired me to further my vision.

British Museum blog

Chris Michaels, Head of Digital Media and Publishing, British Museum

There is no end of digital fads that might make a significant impact on the British Museum. Every time I open LinkedIn, or read a blog, there’s something new, or seeming-new, waiting to be tried. It’s fun.

But what really matters? What are the things that take our mission of being the museum of and for the world, and reveal an entirely new dimension to that great Enlightenment aim; that find a new way to make it real?

That’s a harder question, but it’s the strategically critical one that we will try and answer in the months and years ahead.

Today’s second debate in the Museum of the Future series, Changing public dialogues with museum collections in the digital age, is a crucial staging post in the process of us starting to talk about what digital means.

In advance…

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Butoh body/Butoh tai: dancing through and beyond dichotomies

Toshiharu Kasai worte a very interesting article stemming from 1999 EX…IT! – www.exit.broellin.de/eX11/e-atsushi.html 

“If creativity means inventing new things
that have never been done, the primary turning point
in dance lies in negation of movements. When the
movement “syllable,” the fundamental component of
dance, ceases to be a physical movement, there
appears brand-new bodily activities that hardly can
be categorized as a dance. The author believes that
Hijikata initiated one of these “un-dances.” When he
was asked the reason why he stopped dancing and
devoted himself to choreographing his disciples after
the success of his Butoh dance, he answered that he
had been dancing, but nobody noticed it.
If the value of dance lies in being seen by
others, the negation of being seen also starts
another “un-dance.” There are two types of
“un-seen dance”: 1 When there is no audience who )
sees the performer, and 2 when the movements are )
not explicit to the outside, but are internal or mental”


Access to the article can be found here: www.ne.jp/asahi/butoh/itto/method/butoh-body.pdf



Online One-to-one and group work starting the 3rd of November 2014

I have just finished setting up the one-to-one and group work online sessions.

If you feel on the monolithic side of things and longed for a space where you can be supported to return to a kaleidoscopic practical and pragmatic presence, then this is for you!

You don’t need to be an artist. You just have to be curious and like an embodied approach.

I will support you via skype and email providing exercises that stem from Butoh dance and my artistic experience.

You can read more about how it works clicking here and you can read both one-to-one sessions and group work.

When does it start: the 3rd of November

If you wish to partake send me an email: ambrabutoh@gmail.com

Hope to meet you!

Thank you