Francis Bacon Mb Art Foundation Monaco is open!

I am very excited to see that  Francis Bacon Mb Art Foundation website is up on line now. I have been waiting this moment since the summer as I was really curious to see what type of activities will be funded and the artistic direction of the Institute.

Francis Bacon Mb Art Foundation is located in Monaco.

Bacon lived and worked in Monaco from mid-1946 to the early 1950s, repeatedly returning to the principality and the Riviera throughout his life, “drifting from luxury hotel to luxury hotel, eating and drinking too much”. He said of Monte Carlo: “It has a kind of grandeur, even if you might call it grandeur of futility. There is something so beautiful about the view you get from the casino when you look out on the bay and the curve of the hills behind. I love that kind of landscape.”

Boustany said: “Although few people know of Bacon’s time in Monaco, there is a legitimate reason for housing the Bacon Foundation in the principality. It was in Monaco that Bacon really began to concentrate on painting the human form, a crucial step that would lead him later in his life to become one of the greatest figurative British postwar artists.” (The Guardian September 2014)

Enjoy Bacon’s voice talking about immediacy here on a youtube link I found:

“But one must remember that every object has its own passions…

Would accident work for me so that I could you record you?

We have a short moment of existence…

…crystallising a moment of our own existence…that’s all we have…why does one want to do this? we may say it’s a mystery…”


Here you can peruse the website:

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